Youth as Architects of Social Change

Youth as Architects of Social Change

Global Efforts to Advance Youth-Driven Innovation


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Part I: Positioning youth as social innovators on the global stage.- 1. The Sustainable Development Goals and the role of youth-driven innovation for social change; Sheri Bastien and Halla Holmarsdottir.- 2. Global perspectives on youth and school-to-work transitions in the 21st century: New challenges and opportunities in skills training programs; Halla Holmarsdottir and Kendra Dupuy.- 3. Critical youth work for youth-driven innovation: A theoretical framework; Daniele Morciano and Maurizio Merico.- Part II: Case studies of youth-driven innovation for social change.- 4. The development of an innovative One Health Sanitation Science fair to cultivate change agent capacity among pastoralist youth in rural Tanzania; Sheri Bastien, Erin Hetherington, Keri Williams, Jennifer Hatfield, Mange Manyama.- 5. Fostering a rise in youth social entrepreneurship in the Arabian Peninsula: From policy to implementation; Seungah Lee and Cameron Mirza.- 6. Youth and politics in Brazil: The use of ICTs and the new political activism in Brazil; Maria Francisca Pinheiro Coelho and Ana Cristina Murta Collares.- 7. DIY media making for social change: Hong Kong's ethnic minority youth speak back to exclusion and call for social action through cellphilms; Casey Burkholder.- 8. Building student change agent capabilities: Case UniWASH in Uganda; Riina Subra, Mikko Koria, Oona Timonen, Stella Neema, Annika Launiala.- 9. The amplifier effect: Oslo youth co-creating urban spaces of (be)longing; Ingrild Tolstad, Aina Landsverk Hagen and Bengt Andersen.- 10. Cultivating eco-creativity: The seeds of ecological responsibility in the hands of Norwegian early childhood education teachers; Biljana C. Fredriksen.- 11. Fostering social innovation in youth: Learning from a youth social entrepreneurship initiative in Ireland; Danielle Kennan, John Canavan and Noreen Kearns.- 12. Youth as architects of peace? Street Mediation at the Norwegian Red Cross and other national Red Cross unions; Espen Foss and Ida Hydle.
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