Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance

Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance

Essays in Honour of J.R. Mulryne

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Contents: Introduction, Margaret Shewring; French Renaissance waterborne festivals in the 16th century, Richard Cooper; Lyon: a centre for water celebrations, Margaret M. McGowan; Parisian waterborne festivals form Francis I the Henri III, Monique Chatenet; Water festivals in the reign of Charles IX of France, R.J. Knecht; Renaissance Venice and the sacred-political connotations of waterborne pageants, Evelyn Korsch; Rex Christianissimus Francorum: themes and contexts of Henry III's entry to Venice, 1574, Iain Fenlon; Water policy and water festivals: the case of Pisa under Ferdinando de' Medici (1588-1609), Maria Ines Aliverti; Arbitrary reality: fact and fantasy in the Florentine Naumachia, 1589, J.R. Mulryne; Lepanto revisited: water-fights and the Turkish threat in early modern Europe (1571-1656), Marie-Claude Canova-Green; Mary, Queen of Scots' aquatic entertainments for the wedding of John Fleming, 5th Lord Fleming to Elizabeth Ross, May 1562, Pesala Bandara; Looking again at Elvetham: an Elizabethan entertainment revisited, H. Neville Davies; The ice festival in Florence, 1604, Mary M. Young; The Thames en fAte, Sydney Anglo; Royal river: the Watermen's Company and pageantry on the Thames, Michael Holden; The ambassador's reception: the Moroccan embassy to London, 1637-1638 and the pageantry of maritime politics, Iain McClure; The Savoys' naumachia on the Lake Mont Cenis: a site-specific spectacle in the 'amphitheatre' of the Alps, Melanie Zefferino; Naumachiae at the Buen Retiro in Madrid, David SA!nchez Cano; Waterfront entertainments in Saxony and Denmark from 1548-1709, Maria R. Wade; Sea spectacles on dry land: the 1580s to the 1690s, Roger Savage; Sing again, Sirena: translating the theatrical virtuosa from Venice to London, Eric Nicholson; Sailing towards a kingdom: Ernst August von Braunschweig-LA1/4neburg (1629-1698) in Venice in 1685 and 1686, Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly; Index.