Waffen-SS: Hitler's Elite in Photographs

Waffen-SS: Hitler's Elite in Photographs

Ailsby, Christopher

Amber Books Ltd






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Introduction 6 Chapter One The Fuhrer's Bodyguard 8 Chapter Two Himmler's Troops 20 Chapter Three Forging an Elite 38 Chapter Four Baptism of Fire 56 Chapter Five On Parade 68 Chapter Six Blitzkrieg in the West 82 Chapter Seven Balkan Interlude 94 Chapter Eight 'Barbarossa' 102 Chapter Nine Winter War 118 Chapter Ten Metamorphosis 130 Chapter Eleven High Tide in the East 146 Chapter Twelve Italian Adventure 160 Chapter Thirteen Red Deluge 168 Chapter Fourteen Steel Rain 184 Chapter Fifteen Circle of Fire 196 Chapter Sixteen Consequences of an Ideology 210 Index 222
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