Virginia Woolf's Good Housekeeping Essays

Virginia Woolf's Good Housekeeping Essays

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Contents Introduction Woolf's essays and their critical appraisal. Woolf's essays in Good Housekeeping magazine. Composition, publication, reception The purpose of the book Part I: The Good Housekeeping Essays as Intermedial essays Chapter One The humble art of description in the 'Six Articles on London life' Introduction The documentary impulse Practicing the art of description in 'The Docks of London' and 'Oxford Street Tide' Renewing the art of description in Good Housekeeping magazine Developing the 'critical attitude' Conclusion Chapter Two The Art of photography in the Good Housekeeping essays 'The Docks of London' as an apparatus for the other essays The photographic method in 'Great Men's Houses' The photographic method in 'Abbeys and Cathedrals' Chapter Three The art of architecture in the Good Housekeeping essays Redefining architecture as democracy in 'This is the House of Commons' and 'Portrait of a Londoner' Intermediality and Woolf's ethics of doubt Constructing the essay as an intermedial form Part II: 'The Common Pool' Chapter Four Woolf's ghosts in the Good Housekeeping essays Woolf's plea for democracy: a dialogue with her forebears The intermedial dialogue with John Ruskin 'Adaptive reuse' and the political debates of the 1930s Chapter Five Virginia Woolf and Heritage Woolf's survival theory Poverty as usus: the 'common pool' An ethical posture? Poverty as an economic and aesthetic concept Woolf and Benjamin Part III Reassessing the Good Housekeeping essays Chapter 6 The Good Housekeeping essays as cultural and creative essays The Good Housekeeping essays as part and parcel of Woolf's essays The theoretical thrust of Woolf's essays Woolf's 'humble' theory Chapter Seven The Good Housekeeping essays at the crossroads The photographic turn Implementing the theory of usus Constructing history as trace The political turn Conclusion The Good Housekeeping essays and The Arcades Project Straddling the divide between high and low culture
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