True Blue Quilts

True Blue Quilts

Sew 15 Reproduction Quilts Honoring 19th-Century Designs

Plog, Annette

Kansas City Star Books






15 a 20 dias

Preserve and honor history with 15 traditional blue-quilt patterns made from reproduction fabrics.
Introduction A Quick Fabric Color Study Sewing Basics Early Blue Projects: 1840 and Earlier Prussian Blue Four-Patch Strippy Hourglass Colonial Pinwheels Indigo Lane Cambridge Table Square Mid-Century Projects: 1840-1870 Steps to the Altar Vicksburg Stars Sawtooth Squares French Blue Flowerpots Petite Pinwheels Late Century Projects: 1870-1900 Prairie Sky Nine-Patch Westward Ships Bows and Ties Homespun Plaid Table Topper Dot, Dot, Dash About the Author
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