Transfer of Business and Acquired Employee Rights

Transfer of Business and Acquired Employee Rights

A Practical Guide for Europe and Across the Globe

Morgenroth, Sascha; Kirchner, Jens; Marshall, Tim

Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG






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Part I - EU Law and EU Countries: 1. European Union Law by Jens Kirchner and Sascha Morgenroth.- 2. Austria by Stephan Nitzl and Christian Stuppnig.- 3. Belgium by Eddy Lievens.- 4. The Czech Republic by Petr Samec and Marketa Cibulkova.- 5. Denmark by Jonas Enkegaard and Kristine Friis Nolso.- 6. France by Philippe Danesi and Marie-Astrid Bethenod.- 7. Germany by Jens Kirchner and Sascha Morgenroth.- 8. Hungary by Helga Feher.- 9. Italy by Fabrizio Morelli.- 10. The Netherlands by Helene Bogaard.- 11. Poland by Agnieszka Lechman-Filipiak and Katarzyna Magnuska.- 12. Romania by Monica Georgiadis.- 13. Spain by Pilar Menor.- 14. Sweden by Johan Sundberg and Emil OEdling.- 15. United Kingdom by Tim Marshall and Kate Hodgkiss.- Part II - Non-EU Countries: 16. Russia by Vladislav Mazur.- 17. Switzerland by Vincent Carron and Anne Roux-Fouillet.- 18. Turkey by Melek Onaran Yuksel.- Part III - Middle East and Africa: 19. United Arab Emirates by Neil Crossley.- 20. South Africa by Retha Beerman, Aadil Patel and Faan Coetzee.- Part IV - Americas: 21. Brazil by Priscila da Rocha Lago and Thiago Ramos Barbosa.- 22. Canada by Richard Press.- 23. Mexico by Maria Rios.- 24. United States of America by Erin D'Angelo.- Part V - Asia and Pacific: 25. Australia by Rick Catanzariti.- 26. People's Republic of China by Johnny Choi, Alan Wang and Vivienne Jin.- 27. Japan by Lance Miller, Hajime Iwaki, Lawrence Carter and Keiji Nasuda.
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