Towards Managed Primary Care

Towards Managed Primary Care

The Role and Experience of Primary Care Organizations

Goodwin, Nick; Smith, Judith

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Contents: Introduction; Developing primary care organizations: the international context; Developing primary care groups and trusts: the English context; Evaluating the development of primary care organizations; Exploring the organizational and governance arrangements of PCG/Ts; The role and engagement of GPs within Primary Care Groups and Trusts; The role and engagement of nurses within Primary Care Groups and Trusts; Managing the performance of PCG/Ts; Creating partnerships for improving health in PCG/Ts; Developing and improving primary care; Making a reality of the commissioning function in PCG/Ts; Sustaining effective clinical engagement in primary care trusts; Conclusions: evaluating the progress made by primary care organizations; Conclusions: primary care organizations in the future; Bibliography; Index.
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