Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy

Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy

Muller-Reichert, Thomas (Core Facility Cellular Imaging, Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden, Germany); Pigino, Gaia (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany)

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1. FIB-SEM of mouse nervous tissue: Fast and slow sample preparation Anna M. Steyer, Andreas Schertel, Christos Nardis and Wiebke Moebius 2. Expedited large-volume 3-D SEM workflows for comparative microanatomical imaging Gerald John Shami, Delfine Cheng and Filip Braet 3. Serial-section electron microscopy using automated tape-collecting ultramicrotome (ATUM) Valentina Baena, Richard Lee Schalek, Jeff William Lichtman and Mark Terasaki 4. Serial block face-scanning electron microscopy for volume electron microscopy Saskia Lippens, Anna Kremer, Peter Borghgraef and Chris Guerin 5. Combining serial block face and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy for 3D studies of rare events Christopher J. Guerin, Anna Kremer, Peter Borghgraef, Andy Y. Shih and Saskia Lippens 6. Yeast membraneless compartments revealed by correlative light microscopy and electron tomography Guendalina Marini and Gaia Pigino 7. In situ analysis of male meiosis in C. elegans Gunar Fabig, Anna Schwarz, Cynthia Striese, Michael Laue and Thomas Muller-Reichert 8. Software for automated acquisition of electron tomography tilt series Guenter P. Resch 9. In situ cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging of intraflagellar transport trains Mareike Jordan and Gaia Pigino 10. CryoSTEM tomography in biology Sharon G. Wolf and Michael Elbaum 11. Subtomogram averaging from cryo-electron tomograms Kendra E. Leigh, Paula P. Navarro, Stefano Scaramuzza, Wenbo Chen, Yingyi Zhang, Daniel Castano-Diez and Misha Kudryashev 12. Computational methods for stitching, alignment, and artifact correction of serial section data Stephan Saalfeld 13. Content-aware image restoration for electron microscopy Tim-Oliver Buchholz, Alexander Krull, Reza Shahidi, Gaia Pigino, Gaspar Jekely and Florian Jug
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