ras Superfamily of GTPases (1993)

ras Superfamily of GTPases (1993)


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The World of ras Genes and Their Products: Oncogenic Potential of ras Genes. ras Genes Involvement in Carcinogenesis: Lessons from Animal Model Systems (J. Leon and A. Pellicer). Structure and Properties of ras Proteins. Three-Dimensional Structure of p21 and Its Implications (F. Wittinghofer). Post-Translational Processing of ras and ras-Related Proteins (J.F. Hancock and C.J. Marshall). Biological Activities of ras Genes (S. Sorscher, A. Schoenthal, A.S. Alberts, J.L. Meinkoth, and J.R. Feramisco). p21-ras and Receptor Signaling (B.M.Th. Burgering and J.L. Bos). ras-p21 Proteins: Switch Devices for Signal Transduction (A. Cuadrado, A. Carnero, and J.C. Lacal). Genetic Approaches to ras Function . The ras System in Yeast (M. Wigler). Regulation and Function of Two Developmentally Regulated ras Genes in Dictyostelium (R.K. Esch, G. Weeks, and R.A. Firtel). ras Genes in D. Melanogaster (Z. Lev). The ras Superfamily: General Overview. ras Homologs: A Comparison of Primary Structures (P. Chardin). The ras Branch. K rev-1 and the Related Genes (H. Kitayama and M. Noda). ral Gene Products and Their Regulation (L. Feig and R. Emkey). The rho Branch. The rho Gene Family (R. Perona, R.P. Ballestero, and J.C. Lacal). rac Gene Products (S. Narumiya, Y. Nemoto, and N. Morii). CDC 42: A Member of the ras Superfamily Involved in the Control of Cellular Polarity during the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Cycle (D.I. Johnson). CDC 42 Hs: The Human Homolog of a Yeast Cell-Division Cycle Protein (M.J. Hart, D. Leonard, K. Shinjo, T. Evans, and R.A. Cerione). Identification of Novel ras Family Genes in a Human Teratocarcinoma Cell Line by Oligonucleotide Screening (G.T. Drivas, M.G. Rush, and P. D'Eustachio). The rab Branch. The rab Gene Family (A. Tavitian and A. Zahraoui). The YPT Protein Family in Yeast (W.A. Kibbe, L. Hengst, and D. Gallwitz). The sas Genes: Functionally Distinct Members of the YPT-1/SEC-4 Family in Dictoyostelium (A.R. Kimmel, R. Ruscetti, and J.Cardelli). Functional Regulation of Ras and ras-Related GTP-ases: GAPs and Related Factors. Regulators and Effectors of ras Proteins (F. McCormick). Properties of GAP Proteins (C. Cales). The IRA Gene Family in Yeast (K. Tanaka, A. Toh-e, and K. Matsumoto). GAPs Specific for the rap-1/Krev Protein (P. Polakis). Exchange Factors for ras and ras-Related Proteins. Exchange Factors (J. Downward). Properties of CDC-25 Like Proteins (A. Parmeggiani, M.Y. Mistou, E. Jacquet, P. Poullet, and J.B. Crechet). GDP/GTP Exchange Proteins for Small GTP-Binding Proteins (Y. Takai, K. Kaibuchi, A. Kikuchi, M. Kawata, T. Sasaki, and T. Yamamoto). Index.
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