World of Children

World of Children

Foreign Cultures in Nineteenth-Century German Education and Entertainment


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List of Figures Acknowledgements Introduction: Children, the Nation, and the World Simone Lassig and Andreas Weiss PART I: OFFICIAL KNOWLEDGE Chapter 1. New Words and the New World: Language and the Transnational Legacy of Joachim Heinrich Campe's Robinson der Jungere Kirsten Belgum Chapter 2. Images of Land and Sea: Experiencing the World as Adventure through Theodor Dielitz's Travel Anthologies for Young Readers, 1841-1862 Matthew O. Anderson Chapter 3. World Knowledge in Textbooks for French Language Teaching in the Nineteenth Century in Germany Regina Schleicher Chapter 4. The World at War in German Textbooks: Knowledge of the World Conveyed in Representations of War Andreas Weiss Chapter 5. When Nippon Became Prussian: The German Image of Japan in Nineteenth-Century Textbooks Maik Fiedler PART II: LITERARY KNOWLEDGE Chapter 6. Thrilling Hearts and Winning Minds: The Representation of Monarchy, Navy, and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Juvenile Adventure Fiction Miriam Magdalena Schneider Chapter 7. Knowing Others as Selves: German Children and American Indians H. Glenn Penny Chapter 8. "Don't you take pity on your little brothers and sisters in China?" Missionary Literature for Children and the Distribution of Relational Knowledge in Imperial Germany Katharina Stornig PART III: KNOWLEDGE IN ENTERTAINMENT Chapter 9. Around the World in a Jiffy: Humorous Treatments of Around-the-World Travel in German Children's Books and Games Emer O'ullivan Chapter 10. The Rise of the Trading Card: Collecting the World before World War I Judith Blume Chapter 11. A World Made for Exploration: Germans and Their Toys, 1890-1914 David Hamlin Conclusion: Kaleidoscope and Lens: Re-envisioning the Past through the History of Knowledge Simone Lassig Index
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