Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual

Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual

West, Glennise







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Attested from the Fifth Dynasty until, and including, the Saite Period, the Tekenu is a puzzling icon depicted within funerary scenes in the tombs of some ancient Egyptian nobles. In this work four distinct types of Tekenu are identified and classified and then a Corpus Catalogue is formed.
List of figures; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Chronology code used throughout the work ; Part 1 Formulation of the corpus catalogue: Chapter 1 Introduction and literature review; Chapter 2 Aims and method; Chapter 3 Typology: criteria and creation; Chapter 4 Corpus catalogue; Part 2 Evaluating the primary sources: Chapter 5 Textual references, pictorial representations and context; Chapter 6 Special complex scenes: the Tekenu in TT 20 and TT 100; Part 3 The search for the origins of the Tekenu: Chapter 7 Cattle culture, early dynastic figures and standards; Chapter 8 The Tekenu and The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony; Chapter 9 Summary and conclusions; Appendix A Tombs containing Tekenu images; Appendix B Tekenu Traits; Appendix C Chronology of scholars' views of the function of the Tekenu; Appendix D Pictorial context: diagrammatical interpretation; Bibliography
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