Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Burma

Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Burma

Jungle Warfare and Intelligence Gathering in WW2

Duckett, Richard

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In the mountains and jungles of occupied Burma during World War II, British special forces launched a series of secret operations, assisted by parts of the Burmese population.
Note on Translation and Transliteration List of Abbreviations List of Maps, Tables, Pictures and Paintings Introduction and Literature Review Prologue: Burma, its Geography, and its People Chapter One: The Oriental Mission, October 1940 - December 1941 Chapter Two: The Oriental Mission and the First Burma Campaign, December 1941- June 1942 Chapter Three: Reorganisation and Early Operations, August 1942 to August 1943 Chapter Four: Getting Behind the Lines: The India Mission in Burma, September 1943 - December 1944 Chapter Five: Operation Character, November 1944 - September 1945 Chapter Six: The Billet Operations: Nation, Manual and Grain, November 1944 - September 1945 Epilogue: A Legacy? Force 136 and Post-War Burma, 1945 - 1950 Conclusions Sources and Bibliography