Importance of Place: Geographical Indications as a Tool for Local and Regional Development

Importance of Place: Geographical Indications as a Tool for Local and Regional Development


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Part I: International Trade: Perspectives on Politics and Place.- Chapter 1. Protecting Geographical-Origin-Brands Abroad: The Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement (Matthijs Geuze).- Chapter 2. The Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement: Controversial Negotiations and Controversial Results (Daniel J. Gervais).- Chapter 3. The Global Struggle Between Europe and United States Over Geographical Indications in South Korea And in the TPP Economies (Bernard O'connor).- Chapter 4. The Aroma of Opportunity: The Potential of Wine Geographical Indications in the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (Susanne Taylor).- Part II: Old and New World, Development Perspectives.- Chapter 6. Mitigating 'One-Size-Fits-All' Approaches to Australian Agriculture: Is There a Case to be Made for Geographical Indications? (Jen Cleary).- Chapter 7. Protecting Appellations of Origin: One Hundred Years of Efforts and Debates (Genevieve Teil).- Chapter 8. From Geographical Indications to Collective Place Branding in France and Morocco (Mechthild Donner).- Chapter 9. GI Blues: Geographical Indications and Wine in New Zealand (John Overton).- Chapter 10. Do Geographical Indications for Handicrafts Deserve a Special Regime? Insight from Worldwide Law and Practice (Delphine Marie-Vivien).- Chapter 11. Old World Case Study: The Role of Protected Geographical Indications to Foster Rural Development Dynamics: The Case of Sorana Bean PGI (Giovanni Belletti).- Chapter 12. New World Case Study: King Island - Living the Place Brand (Jennifer Thorn).
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