Importance of Place: Geographical Indications as a Tool for Local and Regional Development

Importance of Place: Geographical Indications as a Tool for Local and Regional Development

Cleary, Jen; Van Caenegem, William

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book explores the potential benefits and disadvantages of geographical indication (GIs) registration schemes, analyzing the utility of GI registrations for the development and promotion of regional economies, both in national and international markets.
Part I: International Trade: Perspectives on Politics and Place.- Chapter 1. Protecting Geographical-Origin-Brands Abroad: The Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement (Matthijs Geuze).- Chapter 2. The Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement: Controversial Negotiations and Controversial Results (Daniel J. Gervais).- Chapter 3. The Global Struggle Between Europe and United States Over Geographical Indications in South Korea And in the TPP Economies (Bernard O'connor).- Chapter 4. The Aroma of Opportunity: The Potential of Wine Geographical Indications in the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (Susanne Taylor).- Part II: Old and New World, Development Perspectives.- Chapter 6. Mitigating One-Size-Fits-All' Approaches to Australian Agriculture: Is There a Case to be Made for Geographical Indications? (Jen Cleary).- Chapter 7. Protecting Appellations of Origin: One Hundred Years of Efforts and Debates (Genevieve Teil).- Chapter 8. From Geographical Indications to Collective Place Branding in France and Morocco (Mechthild Donner).- Chapter 9. GI Blues: Geographical Indications and Wine in New Zealand (John Overton).- Chapter 10. Do Geographical Indications for Handicrafts Deserve a Special Regime? Insight from Worldwide Law and Practice (Delphine Marie-Vivien).- Chapter 11. Old World Case Study: The Role of Protected Geographical Indications to Foster Rural Development Dynamics: The Case of Sorana Bean PGI (Giovanni Belletti).- Chapter 12. New World Case Study: King Island - Living the Place Brand (Jennifer Thorn).
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