Central Asia-Afghanistan Relationship

Central Asia-Afghanistan Relationship

From Soviet Intervention to the Silk Road Initiatives

Laruelle, Dr. Marlene

Lexington Books






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This collection provides a broad analysis of Afghanistan and its neighbors in recent decades and investigates the various historical and political contexts into which the region has been placed. It examines the legacy of Soviet intervention, patterns of cooperation and conflict among regional states, and recent US strategic initiatives.
Introduction, Marlene Laruelle Part I: The Legacy of the Soviet Intervention Chapter 1: Central Asian Soldiers and the Soviet War in Afghanistan: An Introduction, Artemy M. Kalinovsky Chapter 2: A Oral History of the Soviet-Afghan War: Interviews with Central Asian Afgantsy, Marlene Laruelle, Botagoz Rakisheva, Gulden Ashkenova, and Artemy M. Kalinovsky Part II: Afghanistan's Northern Neighbors: Perceptions and Challenges Chapter 3: Afghanistan's Multicentered Regional Foreign Policy, Antonio Giustozzi Chapter 4; Russia's Policy on Afghanistan, Ekaterina Stepanova Chapter 5: Assessing Uzbekistan's and Tajikistan's Afghan Policies: The Impact of Domestic Drivers, Marlene Laruelle Chapter 6: Insurgent Activities at the Afghan-Turkmen and Afghan-Tajik Borders, Bruce Pannier Part III: The Silk Road Initiative as a US Project for Central Asia and Afghanistan Chapter 7: Parsing Mobilities in Central Eurasia, Alexander C. Diener Chapter 8: The US Silk Road: Geopolitical Imaginary or the Repackaging of Strategic Interests?, Marlene Laruelle Chapter 9: The New Silk Road Initiative's Questionable Economic Rationality, Sebastien Peyrouse and Gael Raballand
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