Bloomsbury Handbook to Fichte

Bloomsbury Handbook to Fichte

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Notes on Contributors Note on Sources and Key to Abbreviations Acknowledgements Introduction: About the Volume, Its Content, and Structure, Marina F. Bykova Part I: Fichte in Context and His Path to Transcendental Idealism 1. Fichte's Life and Rise to Philosophical Prominence, Marina F. Bykova 2. Fichte, Kant, and the Copernican Revolution, Tom Rockmore 3. Fichte's Reception of Kant's Critique of Judgement, Sebastian Gardner Part II: The Jena Period (1794-1799) and the Jena System of Transcendental Idealism 4. The Generation of Intuition and Representation through the Productive Imagination in the 1794/1795 Grundlage, Violetta L. Waibel 5. Freedom's Body: Fichte's Account of Nature, Michael G. Vater 6. Fichte's Philosophy of Right, Gabriel Gottlieb 7. Fichte's Ethical Theory, Allen W. Wood 8. The Development of Fichte's Philosophy of Religion, Benjamin D. Crowe Part III: The Berlin Period (1800-1814) and the Systematic Development of the Transcendental Philosophy 9. Fichte's Meditations: The Practical Reality of the "Real World" in The Vocation of Man, Matthew C. Altman 10. The Transcendental Spinozism of Fichte's 1804 Wissenschaftslehre, George Di Giovanni 11. Down by Law: On the Structure of Fichte's 1805 Wissenschaftslehre, Emiliano Acosta 12. Systematic and Doctrinal Differences in Fichte's Early and Late Wissenschaftslehre: From the I as Deed-Act to God as Schema, Rainer Schafer 13. Fichte's Cosmopolitan Nationalism, David James 14. Freedom, Right, and Law. Fichte's Late Political Philosophy, Gunter Zoeller 15. Fichte's Philosophy of History, Ives Radrizzani 16. Fichte's Conception of Bildung and His Proposal of University Reform, Marina Bykova Part IV: Substantive and Interpretative Questions and Key Concepts 17. Wissenschaftslehre, Emiliano Acosta 18. Fichte's First Principle: Self-Positing and Gambit Normativity, Wayne M. Martin 19. The Three Basic Principles (drei Grundsatze), Steven H. Hoeltzel 20. Transcendental Method, Halla Kim 21. Fact/Act (Tathandlung), Halla Kim 22. Anstoss and Aufforderung ("Check" and "Summons"), Steven H. Hoeltzel 23. The Ambivalence of Language, Ives Radrizzani 24.Intellectual Intuition, C. Jeffery Kinlaw 25.Fichte and Philosophy of Mind, C. Jeffery Kinlaw 26.Freedom, Kienhow Goh 27.Drive (der Trieb), Kienhow Goh 28.Resistance (Widerstehende), Mario Jorge de Carvalho 29.'I,' 'You,' and 'We.' Intersubjectivity, Recognition, and Summons, Mario Jorge de Carvalho 30.Deduction of Right, James A. Clarke 31.Separation of Right from Morality, James A. Clarke 32.Are There Any Moral Rights For Fichte?, Nedim Nomer Part V: The Reception and Influence of Fichte's Philosophy 33. Fichte and the Emergence of Early German Romanticism, Elizabeth Millan Brusslan 34. Fichte's Response to Hegel in the Late Wissenschaftslehre, Faustino Fabbianelli 35. Fichte and Phenomenology, Virginia Lopez Dominguez 36.Freedom and the Problem of Others: Fichte and Sartre on Human Freedom and Its Conditions, Arnold L. Farr 37. The Thought of a Principle: Roedl's Fichteanism, G. Anthony Bruno 38. Fichte and the Contemporary Debate about Speculative Realism, Isabelle Thomas-Fogiel Part VI: Timeline and Chronology Notable Dates in Fichte's Life Timeline of Fichte's Publications and Lectures Index
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