Armenian Experience

Armenian Experience

From Ancient Times to Independence

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Introduction Part I: Memory and History of a Domination Chapter 1: International domination Chapter 2: Political and religious domination Chapter 3: Socioeconomic domination Part II: Attempts to break from the History Chapter 1: The Revolutionary movement, 1878-1914 Chapter 2: Finding a new historicity to a fragmented identity, 1920-1988 Chapter 3: Rebirth of a sovereign state, 1988-1998 Part III: Power of Memory Chapter 1: Glory and misery of the cultural haitadist revolution Chapter 2: The Armenian State's memory politic, 1998-now Chapter 3: Turkey, an exceptional case of negationism Part IV: Beyond the Genocide Chapter 1: Democratisation of the identity Chapter 2: Voices and ways to dialog with the Turks Chapter 3: Supporting the international and scientific community's engagement Conclusion Bibliography Acknowledgment
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