A Ch'ae Manshik Reader

Fulton, Ju-Chan; Fulton, Bruce

Columbia University Press






15 a 20 dias

Ch'ae Manshik is one of the most accomplished writers of modern Korea yet is underrepresented in English translation because of the challenges posed by his distinctive voice and colloquial style.
Preface Introduction 1. Sunset 2. In Three Directions 3. Ungrateful Wretch 4. Skewered Beef 5. Egg on My Face 6. A Writing Worm's Life 7. Travel Sketches 8. Challenges Facing Today's Writers 9. Yujong and I 10. Whatever Possessed Me? A Play in One Act 11. Juvesenility 12. A Man Called Hungbo 13. My "Flower and Soldier" 14. The Grasshopper, the Kingfisher, and the Ant 15. A Three-Way Conversation on Kungmin Literature 16. Mister Pang 17. Blind Man Shim: A Play in Three Acts 18. Angel for a Day