Submicron Porous Materials

Submicron Porous Materials

Bettotti, Paolo

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book covers the latest research on porous materials at the submicron scale and inspires readers to better understand the porosity of materials, as well as to develop innovative new materials.
Structured and Surface-Modified Carbon Xerogel Electrodes for Capacitive Deionization.- Carbon Gels and Their Applications: A Review of Patents.- Robust Mesoporous Polymers Derived from Cross-linked Block Polymer Precursors.- Melt-stretching Polyolefin Microporous Membrane.- AAO Templates with Different Patterns and Channel Shapes.- Porous Thin Film from Sol-Gel.- Synthesis Strategies and Emerging Catalytic Applications of Siliceous Materials with Hierarchically Ordered Porosity.- Porous Silicon: From Optical Sensor to Drug Delivery System.- Modeling Thermal Transport in Nanoporous Semiconductors.- Scale transition for Mass Transport in Porous Structures.- Positron Beam-Based Ortho-Positronium Porosimetry.
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