Studies in Law, Politics, and Society

Studies in Law, Politics, and Society

Sarat, Austin

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Studies in Law, Politics, and Society provides a vehicle for the publication of scholarly articles within the broad parameters of interdisciplinary legal scholarship. In this latest edition of this highly successful research series, articles examine a diverse range of legal issues and their impact on and intersections with society.
Commercial Leases and Family Realities in Charles Reznikoff's Family Chronicle - Stan Apps and Tova CooperCondo Crimes and Legal Prospects for Confronting the Unusual Suspects - Randy K. Lippert, Stefan Treffers, and Thomas Bud The Nursery Years of 'Judicial Activism': From a Historian's Shorthand to Media Catchphrase 1947-1963 - Tanya Josev SYMPOSIUM ON CHILDREN AND THE LAW Teenage Pregnancy, Parenting, and Abortion: Legal Limits on Adolescents' Reproductive Rights - Maya Manian "Letting Kids Be Kids": Youth Voice and Activism To Reform Foster Care and Promote "Normalcy" - Bernard P. Perlmutter Teen Health Care Decisions: How Maturity and Social Policy Affect Four Hard Cases - Leslie Joan Harris Transgender Children, Teaching Early Acceptance, and the Heckler's Veto - Dara E. Purvis
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