Sliding to the Right

Sliding to the Right

The Contest for the Future of American Jewish Orthodoxy

Heilman, Samuel C.

University of California Press






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Offering a snapshot of Orthodoxy Jewry in the United States, this book asks how the community has evolved in the years since World War II, and where it is headed. Incorporating everyday life, observations of cultural practices, descriptions of educational institutions, and more, it presents the varieties of Jewish Orthodox groups.
Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Orthodoxy in America after the Holocaust 2. The Numbers 3. Jewish Education as a Field of Conflict within Orthodoxy 4. Reinventing Tradition: When Going by the Book Replaces Living on the Street 5. Machon L'Parnasa: The Educational Alternative 6. Much Truth Said in Jest: Humor, Role Distance, and Young Orthodox Jews 7. Orthodox Jewish Calls from the Walls: Posters and What They Teach Us 8. Toward a Postmodern American Orthodoxy Appendix Notes Index
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