Single Cell Biomedicine

Single Cell Biomedicine


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Chapter 1: Can the Single Cell Make Biomedicine Different (Wang).- Chapter 2: Automated Single-cell Analysis and Isolation System (Tatematsu).- Chapter 3: Single-cell non-coding RNA in Embryonic Development (Fu).- Chapter 4: High Throughput Single Cell RNA sequencing, Bioinformatics Analysis and Applications (Huang).- Chapter 5: Circulating Tumor Cells (Heymann).- Chapter 6: Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy for Single Cell Imaging (Feng).- Chapter 7: Single Cell Proteomics for Molecular Targets in Lung Cancer (Wang).- Chapter 8: Therapeutic Antibody Discovery in Infectious Diseases Using Single-Cell Analysis (Alexandria Voigt).- Chapter 9: Single Cell Genetics and Epigenetics in Early Embryo (Wei).- Chapter 10: The Potential Roles and Advantages of Single Cell Sequencing in The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hematological Malignancies (Shi).- Chapter 11: Application of Single Cell Sequencing in Cancer (Yu).- Chapter 12: Emergence of Bias During the Synthesis and Amplification of cDNA for scRNA-seq (Luo).- Chapter 13: Detection and Application of RNA Editing in Cancer (Qian).- Chapter 14: Is pooled CRISPR-screening the Dawn of a New Era for Functional Genomics (Yao).- Chapter 15: Single Cell Sequencing in Respiratory Diseases (Zeng).- Chapter 16: The Significance of Single-cell Analysis in Stem Cells (Zhuge).
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