Probabilistic Mechanics of Quasibrittle Structures

Probabilistic Mechanics of Quasibrittle Structures

Strength, Lifetime, and Size Effect

Bazant, Zdenek P. (Northwestern University, Illinois); Le, Jia-Liang (University of Minnesota)

Cambridge University Press






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This book presents a mathematical exposition of the strength and lifetime statistics of structures made of brittle heterogeneous materials. This subject is of paramount importance for analysis and design of many man-made structures with applications to civil, mechanical, aerospace, geotechnical, ocean, offshore, petroleum, naval, nuclear, mining, biomedical and materials engineering.
1. Introduction; 2. Review of classical statistical theory of structural strength and structural safety, and of classical fundamentals; 3. Review of fracture mechanics and deterministic size effect in quasibrittle structures; 4. Failure statistics of nanoscale structures; 5. Nano-macro scale bridging of probability distributions of static and fatigue strengths; 6. Multiscale modeling of fracture kinetics and size effect under static and cyclic fatigue; 7. Size effect on probability distributions of strength and lifetime of quasibrittle structures; 8. Computation of probability distributions of structural strength and lifetime; 9. Indirect determination of strength statistics of quasibrittle structures; 10. Statistical distribution and size effect on residual strength after sustained load; 11. Size effect on reliability indices and safety factors; 12. Crack length effect on scaling of structural strength and type 1 to 2 transition; 13. Effect of stress singularities on scaling of structural strength; 14. Lifetime of high-k gate dielectrics and its analogy with failure statistics of quasibrittle structures.
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