Plant Omics: Trends and Applications

Plant Omics: Trends and Applications

Hakeem, Khalid Rehman; Tombuloglu, Guzin; Tombuloglu, Huseyin

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part 1. Genomics and Transcriptomics.- Genome Analysis of Plants.- Genomics Resources for Plants.- QTL-Analysis in Plants: Ancient and modern perspectives.- Transposon Activity in Plant Genomes.- Next Generation Sequencing: Advantages, Disadvantages and Future.- Molecular Markers and their Applications.- Transcriptomic Responses of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) to Drought and Salinity.- miRNA profiling in plants: Current identification and expression approaches.- Identification of gene families using genomics and/or transcriptomics data.- Epigenetics and Applications in Plants.- Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Plant Improvement.- Part 2. Proteomics and Metabolomics.- Plant Proteomics- An Overview.- Proteomics of Bamboo-the fast growing grass.- Proteomics-Driven Research of Abiotic Stress Responses in Crop Plants.- Proteomics in Sex Determination of Dioecious Plants.- Metabolome Analysis of Crops.- Plant Metabolomics and Strategies.- Noninvasive methods to support metabolomic studies targeted at plant phenolics for food and medicinal use.- Part 3. Other Omics fields.- Plant Glycomics.- Technological Platforms to Study Plant Lipidomics.- Plant Interactomics under Salt and Drought Stress.
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