Oracle SQL Tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN

Oracle SQL Tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN

Oracle Database 12c Edition

Charalambides, Stelios N.







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Tagline: Tuning the way Oracle's own experts do it
1. Introduction 2. AWR: Your Guide on What to do Next 3. The Cost-Based Optimizer Environment 4. How Object Statistics Can Make Your Execution Plan Wrong 5. How Skewness Can Make Your Execution Times Variable 6. Collecting Good Oracle 12c Statistics 7. Tracing CBO Decisions, Hints and Query Transformations using 10053 8. Forcing Execution Plans Through Profiles 9. Adaptive Cursor Sharing 10. How To Work with Adaptive Plans11. Dynamic Statistics12. Directives and Statistics Feedback13. Parallel Execution14. SQL Monitor Active Reports 15. Using SQLTXPLAIN with an Active Data Environment 16. Building Good Test Cases 17. Using XPLORE to Investigate Unexpected Plan Changes 18. Trace Files, TRCANLZR and Modifying SQLT Behavior 19. Comparing Execution Plans 20. Running a Health Check21. The Final Word22. Appendix A. Installing SQLTXPLAIN23. Appendix B. The CBO Parameters ( Appendix C. Tool Configuration Parameters and the Express Methods
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