On the "Passion of the Christ"

On the "Passion of the Christ"

Exploring the Issues Raised by the Controversial Movie

Fredriksen, Paula

University of California Press






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"These essays are well-informed, interesting, and written in an accessible style. The perspectives represented raise unexpected and important issues, eliciting the reader's engagement and creating an absorbing conversation."--Margaret R. Miles, author of "Seeing and Believing: Religion and Values in the Movies"
Contributors Mary C. Boys Deborah Caldwell Philip A. Cunningham Paula Fredriksen Lawrence E. Frizzell Eugene Korn Linda Kulman Amy-Jill Levine James Martin Jon Meacham John T. Pawlikowski Stephen Prothero Adele Reinhartz Susan Brooks Thistlewaite Jay Tolson Jim Wallis Leon Wieseltier Ben Witherington III
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