Office Procedural Tips & Tricks in Dermatology

Office Procedural Tips & Tricks in Dermatology

Brodell, Robert T.

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers






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Comprehensive guide to common dermatological procedures in the outpatient clinic. Covers diagnosis and treatment techniques including complex surgical procedures. Presented in tips and tricks' format. Recognised, Mississippi-based author team.
Tips and Tricks: Diagnostic Tips and Tricks: Office Dermatologic Testing Chapter 1: KOH Preparation Chapter 2: Scabies Preparation Chapter 3: Tzanck Preparation Tips and Tricks: Biopsy the right spot! Chapter 4: Choosing the right biopsy location Tips and Tricks: Basic procedural techniques Chapter 5: Shave and saucerization techniques Chapter 6: Punch biopsy tips and tricks Sampling of tense blisters Sampling porokeratosis Removing larger lesions through a smaller punch ("stuff technique for benign appearing nevi, cysts and lipomas) Chapter 7: Curettage Chapter 8: Suturing Tips and Tricks: Chemical Destruction of skin lesions Chapter 9: Dichloracetic Acid in Dermatology Tips and Tricks: Complex surgical procedures Chapter 10: Mohs surgery Chapter 11: Elliptical Excisions Chapter 12: Nail Procedures Chapter 13: Flaps and grafts Tips and Tricks: Cryotherapy Chapter 14: Cryotherapy of Warts, Actinic keratoses, etc Tips and Tricks: Light-based procedures Chapter 15: Vascular lesion laser Chapter 16: Fractionated CO2 laser Chapter 17: Pigmented Lesion lasers Chapter 18: Intense pulsed light Tips and Tricks: Photodynamic therapy Chapter 19: Photodynamic Therapy
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