No Future

No Future

Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture, 1976-1984

Worley, Matthew (University of Reading)

Cambridge University Press






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Fascinating new account of punk's emergence as a fashion, musical form, attitude and aesthetic in Britain from 1976 to 1984. Matthew Worley reveals the ways in which punk was constructed, understood and utilised as a cultural medium against the backdrop of a 1970s Britain in deep social and political crisis.
List of figures; Acknowledgements; Introduction. Teenage warning: punk, politics and youth culture; 1. What's this for? Punk's contested meanings; 2. Rock and roll (even): punk as cultural critique; 3. Tell us the truth: reportage, realism and abjection; 4. Suburban relapse: the politics of boredom; 5. Who needs a parliament? Punk and politics; 6. Anatomy is not destiny: punk as personal politics I; 7. Big Man, Big M.A.N: punk as personal politics II; 8. No future: punk as dystopia; Conclusion. Alternatives: chaos and finish.
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