Narration as Argument

Narration as Argument

Olmos, Paula

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Chapter 1. Introduction: Narratives, Narrating, Narrators; Paula Olmos.- Part I Narratives as Sources of Knowledge and Argument.- Chapter 2. Narratives and the Concept of Argument; Christopher Tindale.- Chapter 3. Arguing with Stories; Floris Bex and Trevor Bench-Capon.- Chapter 4. Narrative Fiction as a Source of Knowledge; Mitchell Green.- Chapter 5. Analogy, Presupposition and Transcendentality in Narrative Argument; Gilbert Plumer.- Chapter 6. Parables: Crossroads Between the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor and Argumentation Theory; Eduardo de Bustos.- Part II Argumentative Narratives in Context.- Chapter 7. Narratives and Pragmatic Arguments: Iven's The 400 million; Paul van den Hoven.- Chapter 8. The Sample Convention, or, When Fictionalized Narratives. Can Double as Historical Testimony; Leona Toker.- Chapter 9. From Narrative Arguments to Arguments that Narrate; Adrien Frenay and Marion Carel.- Chapter 10. Narrative as Argument in Atul Gawande's. "On Washing Hands" and "Letting Go"; James Phelan.- Chapter 11. On Thought Experiments and other Narratives in Scientific Argument; Paula Olmos.- Chapter 12. How to Win Wars: The Role of the War Narrative; Tone Kvernbekk and Ola Boe-Hansen.
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