Morpholino Oligomers

Morpholino Oligomers

Methods and Protocols

Moulton, Hong M.

Humana Press Inc.






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Invention and Early History of Morpholinos: From Pipe Dream to Practical Products.- Making a Morpholino Experiment Work: Controls, Favoring Specificity, Improving Efficacy, Storage, and Dose.- Aggregation and Disaggregation of Morpholino Oligomers in Solution.- End-Modifications on Morpholino Oligos.- Inducible Inhibition of Gene Function with Photomorpholinos.- Blocking Zebrafish microRNAs with Morpholinos.- Using Morpholinos to Examine Gene Function During Fin Regeneration.- Using Morpholinos to Probe Gene Networks in Sea Urchin.- Manipulating Gene Expression in the Chick Embryo.- Inhibition of Bacterial Growth by Peptide-conjugated Morpholino Oligomers.- Use of Translation Blocking Morpholinos for Gene Knock-Down in Giardia lamblia.- Regulation of Isoform Expression by Blocking Polyadenylation Signal Sequences with Morpholinos.- Targeting Functional Non-coding RNAs.- Use of Morpholino Oligomers for Pretargeting.- Diagnostic Applications of Morpholinos and Label-free Electrochemical Detection of Nucleic Acids.- Intranasal Delivery of Peptide-Morpholinos to Knockdown Influenza Host Factors in Mice.- Systemic Delivery of Morpholinos to Skip Multiple Exons in a Dog Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.- In vivo and Explant Electroporation of Morpholinos in the Developing Mouse Retina.
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