Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology

Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology

Chien, Shu; Wang, Peter Yingxiao; Engler, Adam J.

Springer-Verlag New York Inc.






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Part 1. Mechanosensors.- The Primary Cilium as a Strain Amplifying Microdomain for Mechanotransduction at the Cell Membrane.- Vascular Endothelial Mechanosensors in Response to Fluid Shear Stress.- Cadherins in Mechanotransduction.- Perspectives of FRET Imaging to study Epigenetics and Mechanobiology in the Nucleus.- Part 2. Transducers.- Emerging Roles of YAP/TAZ in Mechanobiology.- Role of Rho GTPases in Mechanobiology.- Illuminating Cell Adhesion: Modern Microscopy Approaches to Study Integrin-Based Focal Adhesions.- Part 3. Epigenetic and Genetic Regulations in the Nucleus.- Mechanotransduction to Epigenetic Remodeling.- The Nuclear Lamina: From Mechano-Sensing in Differentiation to Cancer Cell Migration.- Role of Cell Geometry on Nuclear Mechanics, Chromosome Reorganization, and Gene Expression.- Part 4. Applications.- Mechanobiological Control of Cell Fate for Applications in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine.- Heart Valve Mechanobiology in Development and Disease.- Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology of Cancer.