Molecular Motors

Molecular Motors

Methods and Protocols

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Preface...Table of Contents...Contributing Authors... 1. Cellular and Nuclear Forces: An OverviewBidisha Sinha, Arikta Biswas, and Gautam V. Soni Part I Membrane Motors 2. The Bacterial Flagellar Rotary Motor in ActionNicholas J.S. Delalez and Judith P. Armitage 3. Purification and Reconstitution of Ilyobacter tartaricus ATP SynthaseGanna O. Krasnoselska and Thomas Meier Part II Cytoskeletal Motors 4. Using Microfluidics Single Filament Assay to Study Formin Control of Actin AssemblyGuillaume Romet-Lemonne, Berengere Guichard, and Antoine Jegou 5. Engineering Synthetic Myosin Filaments using DNA NanotubesRuth F. Sommese and Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan 6. Direct Imaging of Walking Myosin V by High-Speed Atomic Force MicroscopyNoriyuki Kodera and Toshiro Ando 7. High-Resolution Single-Molecule Kinesin Assays at kHz Frame RatesKeith J. Mickolajczyk and William O. Hancock 8. Multicolor Tracking of Molecular Motors at Nanometer ResolutionSara Wichner and Ahmet Yildiz 9. High-Speed Optical Tweezers for the Study of Single Molecular MotorsL. Gardini, A. Tempestini, F.S. Pavone, and M. Capitanio 10. Determining Stable Single Alpha Helical (SAH) Domain Properties by Circular Dichroism and Atomic Force MicroscopyMatthew Batchelor, Marcin Wolny, Marta Kurzawa, Lorna Dougan, Peter J. Knight, and Michelle Peckham Part III Nucleic Acids Motors 11. The Role of Supercoiling in the Motor Activity of RNA PolymerasesAnnick Lesne, Jean-Marc Victor, Edouard Bertrand, Eugenia Basyuk and Maria Barbi 12. Single-Molecule FRET Analysis of Replicative HelicasesSeung-Jae Lee, Salman Syed, and Taekjip Ha 13. Recombinases and Related Proteins in the Context of Homologous Recombination Analyzed by Molecular MicroscopyPauline Dupaigne, Eliana Moreira Tavares, Olivier Pietrement, and Eric Le Cam 14. DNA Organization and Segregation Super-ResolvedDiego I. Cattoni, Jean-Bernard Fiche, Antoine Le Gall, and Marcelo Nollmann 15. Electrophoretic Analysis of the DNA Supercoiling Activity of DNA GyraseBelen Martinez-Garcia, Antonio Valdes, Joana Segura, Ofelia Diaz-Ingelmo, and Joaquim Roca 16. Single Molecule Angular Optical Trapping for Studying Transcription under TorsionJie Ma, Chuang Tan, and Michelle D. Wang 17. Anisotropy-Based Nucleosome Repositioning AssayKoan Briggs, Gada Al-Ani, Allen Eastlund, and Christopher J. Fischer 18. Remodeling and Repositioning of Nucleosomes in Nucleosomal ArraysJohanna Ludwigsen, Nicola Hepp, Henrike Klinker, Sabrina Pfennig, and Felix Mueller-Planitz 19. Measuring Unzipping and Rezipping of Single Long DNA Molecules with Optical Tweezers Damian J. delToro and Douglas E. Smith 20. Single-Molecule Measurements of Motor-Driven Viral DNA Packaging in Bacteriophages Phi29, lambda, and T4 with Optical TweezersNicholas Keller, Damian J. delToro, and Douglas E. Smith 21. Methods for Single Molecule Sensing and Detection Using Bacteriophage Phi29 DNA Packaging MotorFarzin Haque, Hui Zhang, Shaoying Wang, Chun-Li Chang, Cagri Savran, and Peixuan Guo
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