Modernist Wastes

Modernist Wastes

Recovery, Re-Use and the Autobiographic in Elsa von-Freytag-Lorighoven and Djuna Barnes

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Series Editor Preface List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Abbreviations INTRODUCTION: Textual Mess and Modernism's Gendered Wastes i. Modernism and Barnesean Waste ii. What is Waste? Cities, Bodies, Texts CHAPTER ONE: Stunning Subjects and Disruptive Body Practices i. Marginality and Modernity: Critical Histories of Exclusion and the Case of Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven ii. Gods, Mutts and Readymades: 'America's Comfort - Sanitation!' iii. Calculated Containment: New Women and New York Dada's Mecanamorphic Portaits iv. Not Me, Not That: Baroness Elsa and the Grotesque Protrusions of Modernism's Marginalia CHAPTER TWO: Art Dazzle: Modelling, Performance and the Baroness's Self-Representational Practices i. Self-Representational Practices, Collage and the Baroness's Dada Portraits ii. Making Mischief, or Looking Through a Glass Dynamically iii. Chimera in the Croquis Class: Spectacle, Performance and the Baroness's Body-Work iv. UEbermarionettes and Living Statues CHAPTER THREE: 'Not Dead': Djuna Barnes's Mature Auto/biographic Poetics i. 'This Generation's Vulgarity': Djuna Barnes and the Biographic Impulse ii. Textual Waste and the Structural Patterns of Djuna Barnes's Re-Made Modernism iii. Circulation in the Theme: Repetition, Refrain and Variation Across the Patchin Place Cycles iv. CHAPTER FOUR: Troubling Structures: Inner Time and the 'Baroness Elsa' Manuscript i. The Baroness's Interruptive Poetics ii. Cutting, Stitching, Weaving: Ida-Marie's 'strange handiwork' iii. Alexis Carrel and Nightwood's Troubling Structures iv. Denying the Called Response: Mothers, Daughters and The Antiphon CONCLUSION: Modernism Recovered BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX
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