Modelling Radiotherapy Side Effects

Modelling Radiotherapy Side Effects

Practical Applications for Planning Optimisation

Fiorino, Claudio; Rancati, Tiziana

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Chapter 1: The importance of the quality of data Chapter 2: Building a predictive model of toxicity: methods Chapter 3: Potentials and limits of phenomenological models Chapter 4: Pelvis: rectal and bowel toxicity Chapter 5: Pelvis: urinary toxicity and sexual dysfunctions Chapter 6: Abdomen Chapter 7: Optical structures and ears Chapter 8: Head and neck: parotids Chapter 9: Head and neck: larynx and structures involved in swallowing/nutritional problems and dysphonia Chapter 10: Thorax: lungs and esophagous Chapter 11: Heart and vascular problems Chapter 12: Adverse effects to the skin Chapter 13: Bones and hematological toxicity Chapter 14: Predicting toxicity in external radiotherapy Chapter 15: Data-sharing and toxicity modeling: a vision of the near future Chapter 16: Quantitative imaging for assessing and predicting toxicity Chapter 17: Beyond DVH: 2D/3D based dose comparison to assess predictors of toxicity Chapter 18: Radiobiological models in automatic treatment planning Chapter 19: Including genetic variables in NTCP models. Where are we? Where are we going?
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