Mission-Oriented Sensor Networks and Systems: Art and Science

Mission-Oriented Sensor Networks and Systems: Art and Science

Volume 1: Foundations

Ammari, Habib M.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book discusses topics in mission-oriented sensor networks and systems research and practice, enabling readers to understand the major technical and application challenges of these networks, with respect to their architectures, protocols, algorithms, and application design.
Introduction.- Sensor Node Architectures and Design Considerations.- Failure Handling in RPL Implementations: An Experimental Qualitative Study.- On the Optimization of WSN Deployment for Sensing Physical Phenomena: Applications to Urban Air Pollution Monitoring.- Mobile Coverage.- Energy Aware Task Allocation in WSNs.- Sensor Assignment to Missions.- Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling in Cloud of Sensors.- Location Privacy in Sensor Networks.- Data-driven Detection of Sensor-hijacking Attacks on Electrocardiogram Sensors.- Cryptography.
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