Microfluidics in Cell Biology: Part A: Microfluidics for Multicellular Systems

Microfluidics in Cell Biology: Part A: Microfluidics for Multicellular Systems

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Section 1: Microfluidics for Cell Monolayers/Spheroids 1. Tubular microscaffolds for studying collective cell migration Wang Xi, Surabhi Sonam, Chwee Teck Lim and Benoit Ladoux 2. Endothelial cell monolayer-based microfluidic systems mimicking complex in vivo microenvironments for the study of leukocyte dynamics in inflamed blood vessels Jaehyun Lee, Hyung Kyu Huh, Sung Ho Park, Sang Joon Lee and Junsang Doh 3. Constrained spheroids/organoids in perfusion culture Fan Lee, Ciprian Iliescu, Fang Yu and Hanry Yu Section 2: Organs on Chips 4. Generation of functional cardiac microtissues in a beating heart-on-a-chip Giovanni Stefano Ugolini, Roberta Visone, Daniela Cruz-Moreira, Andrea Mainardi and Marco Rasponi 5. Kidney on chips Jeonghwan Lee, Kipyo Kim and Sejoong Kim 6. Liver sinusoid on a chip Yu Du, Ning Li and Mian Long 7. Pathomimetic modeling of human intestinal diseases and underlying host-gut microbiome interactions in a gut-on-a-chip Woojung Shin and Hyun Jung Kim 8. 3D in vitro microvascular model-based lymphoma model Robert G. Mannino, Pallab Pradhan, Krishnendu Roy and Wilbur A. Lam 9. Blood-brain barrier on a chip Eyleen Goh 10. Pharmacokinetic-based multi-organ chip for recapitulating organ interactions Jong Hwan Sung 11. Studying TCR T cell anti-tumor activity in a microfluidic intrahepatic tumor model Giulia Adriani, Andrea Pavesi and Roger D. Kamm Section 3: Microfluidics for Model Organisms 12. Microfluidics for mechanobiology of model organisms Anna A. Kim, Adam L. Nekimken, Sylvia Fechner, Lucy E. O'Brien and Beth L. Pruitt
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