Micro Process Technology

Micro Process Technology

Noel, Timothy; Hessel, Volker

Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH






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Micro process technology centers around cutting-edge developments on chemical reactions, their processing and reactors. This book covers fundamentals, core research topics and how micro process technology tackles global challenges such as sustainable, safe energy generation.
MICRO PROCESS TECHNOLOGY AND ITS SUPERORDINATE PROCESSING EMBEDMENT Market and Environmental Constraints Factory-of-the-Future Concepts Sustainability and Life-Cycle Analysis Green Chemistry Green Engineering Process Intensification Flow Chemistry Microreactors and Micro Process Technology REACTION ENGINEERING POTENTIAL TRANSPORT INTENSIFICATION REACTION ENGINEERING POTENTIAL CHEMICAL INTENSIFICATION ('NOVEL PROCESS WINDOWS') Chemical Applicableness Chemical Intensification through Harsh Conditions 'Novel Process Windows' Chemical Intensification through High-Reactive Intermediates - 'Flash Chemistry' PROCESS-DESIGN INTENSIFICATION ('NOVEL PROCESS WINDOWS') MICROMIXERS Mixing Principles Active and Passive Micromixers Diffusion-based Micromixers Convection-based Micromixers Chaotic Advection Micromixers Turbulent Micromixers Design and Making of Micromixers Mixing Characterization, including Analytical Techniques used Applications of Micromixer Technologies MICRO HEAT EXCHANGERS Heat Exchange Fundamentals Classification of Micro Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Characterization and Enhancement Fouling of Micro Heat Exchangers Scale-Out of Micro Heat Exchangers MICROEVAPORATORS FLOW SEPARATIONS State-of-the-Art in Flow Separation Micro Extractors Micro Distillators/ Rectificators Micro Chromatography Devices Micro Membrane Devices Integrated Reaction-Separation Devices CONCLUSIONS AND OUTLOOK REFERENCES
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