Methods in Cell Biology

Methods in Cell Biology

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1. How to orient cells in micro-cavities for high resolution imaging of cytokinesis and lumen formation Daniel Riveline 2. A body-on-a-chip (BOC) system for studying gut-liver interaction Jong Hwan Sung 3. Manipulating cultured mammalian cells for mitosis research Edward H. Hinchcliffe 4. Live-cell FLIM-FRET using a commercially available system Thomas Joseph Maresca 5. A Comparative Analysis of Methods to Measure Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachment Stability Duane Compton 6. A workflow for visualizing human cancer biopsies using large-format electron microscopy Claudia S. Lopez 7. Isolation of stage-specific germ cells using facs in drosophila germarium Jean-Rene R. Huynh 8. Computational analysis of filament polymerization dynamics in cytoskeletal networks Martin Loose
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