Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women

Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women

Audisio, Riccardo A.; Reed, Malcolm

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Basic Science: Tumor Biology and Pathology.- Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Older Women.- Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment .- Experiences of a Multidisciplinary Elderly Breast Cancer Clinic: Using the Right Specialists, in the Same Place, with Time.- Mammographic Breast Screening in Elderly Women.- Primary Endocrine Therapy for the Treatment of Early Breast Cancer in Older Women.- Anesthesia and Pain Relief.- The Surgical Management of Breast Cancer in Elderly Women.- Breast Reconstruction.- Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy.- Adjuvant Chemotherapy.- Adjuvant Radiotherapy.- Prevention and Treatment of Skeletal Complications .- Medical Treatment of Advanced Disease.- Polypharmacy in Older Cancer Patient.- Assisting Patients in making the Right Decision.- Supportive, Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Older Breast Cancer Patients.- Nursing.- The Patient's Perception.- Managing Patients with Cognitive Impairment.- Research and Clinical Trials for Older Patients.
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