Low Cost Wastewater Bioremediation Technology

Low Cost Wastewater Bioremediation Technology

Innovative Treatment of Sulfate and Metal-Rich Wastewater

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1. Biological treatment of sulfate and metal-rich wastewater using sulfate reducing bacteria 2. Nutrients for the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria 3. Metabolism of sulfate reducing bacteria 4. Study of biochemical events in a SAPS-based Chemo-bioreactor in regards of performance 5. Characterization of Sweetmeat waste fractions as dosing substance 6. Reactivation of carbon exhausted SMC packed reactor by SMW dosing with emphasis on the role of nitrogen supplement and neutralizing substance 7. Optimization of SMW dosing for rejuvenation of sulfate reduction using column bioreactor 8. Treatment of sulfate rich mine wastewater in a laboratory scale packed bed bioreactor 9. Preparation of marine waste extract and its nutritional characterization 10. Batch study - Effectiveness of marine waste extract as suitable nitrogen source for improvement of biological sulfate reduction 11. Continuous column study - Improvement of the treatment of sulfate and metal-rich wastewater using upflow anaerobic packed bed bioreactor
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