Language Teacher Education and Technology

Language Teacher Education and Technology

Approaches and Practices


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List of Tables and Figures Notes on Contributors Preface 1. Teacher Training in Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Voices of Teacher Educators, Jeong-Bae Son and Scott Windeatt 2. Language and Technology: Theory and Practice, Options and Issues in Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Mike Levy and Paul J. Moore 3. Blended Approaches to Teaching Languages with Computers, Paul Gruba 4. CALL Research, Practice and Teachers' Roles, Jeong-Bae Son 5. Language Learning and Technology: A Thirty Year Journey, Gary Motteram 6. Balancing Theory and Practice: Developing Competent, Reflective CALL Practitioners, Eddy Moran 7. Training Teachers to Create and Use Materials for Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Scott Windeatt 8. Preparing CALL Professionals: A Survey Course in a CALL Degree Program, Greg Kessler 9. Teacher Training with CALL Online (Distance): A Project- and Standards-Based Approach, Christine Bauer-Ramazani 10. An Invitation to CALL: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Philip Hubbard 11. Should we offer a CALL course?, Denise E. Murray Index