Katherine Mansfield: New Directions

Katherine Mansfield: New Directions

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Part1: Form and force 1. Ali Smith - SIGNES OF SPRING: A Letter from Katherine Mansfield 2. Elleke Boehmer - Reflecting (upon) Ellipsis: Katherine Mansfield as Case-Study (University of Oxford, UK) 3. Enda Duffy - Dirty Snow: Mansfield, Joyce and the Modernist Snow Globe (University of California, USA) 4. Ruchi Mundeja - In-Scribing Silence: Reading How the Silences Speak in Mansfield's Stories (University of Delhi, India) Part 2: Mansfield's modernisms 5. William Kupinse - What Plant's in 'Prelude'?: Colonialism, Gender, and Speculative Botany (University of Puget Sound, USA) 6. Chris Mourant - Katherine Mansfield and American Modernism (University of Birmingham, UK) 7. Erika Baldt - 'A god instead of a mortal': Katherine Mansfield and the Orphic Mysteries (Rowan College of Burlington County, USA) 8. Nick Hocking - 'But the smile undid them': Bergsonian perceptions of impermissible comedy in Katherine Mansfield's 'Psychology' Part 3: Literary influence and life writing 9.Katie Jones - 'Something Sensational and New': Katherine Mansfield's Engagement with the Literary Marketplace in London, 1908-9 (University of Nottingham, UK) 10. Kathleen Jones - 'From My Life I Write to You in Your Life': Katherine Mansfield, Philip Larkin and Yiyun Li 11. Gerri Kimber - 'An Intellectual Comradeship': A Reassessment of the Relationship between George Bowden and Katherine Mansfield (University of Northampton, UK) Part 4: Social and domestic transactions 12. Janet Wilson - Economic Women: Money and (Im)Mobility in Selected Stories by Katherine Mansfield (University of Northampton, UK) 13. Alex Moffett - Labour, Idleness, and Life Narrative in The Garden Party and Other Stories (Providence College, Rhode Island, USA) 14. Ann Herndon Marshall - Here's to You, Miss Moss: Katherine Mansfield's Prostitute
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