Ion and Molecule Transport in Lysosomes

Ion and Molecule Transport in Lysosomes


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Preface Editors Contributors 1. Endosomal and Lysosomal Electrophysiology Xiaoli Zhang, Mingxue Gu, Meiqin Hu, Yexin Yang, and Haoxing Xu 2. Chloride Transport across the Lysosomal Membrane Sonali Saha, Anja Blessing, and Thomas J. Jentsch 3. Endolysosomal Patch Clamping: Approaches to Measure Vesicular Ion Channel Activities Cheng-Chang Chen, Christian Grimm, Christian Wahl-Schott and Martin Biel 4. TRPML Subfamily of Endolysosomal Channels: Concepts and Methods Nicholas E. Karagas, Morgan A. Rousseau, and Kartik Venkatachalam 5. Investigating the Role of Two-Pore Channel 2 (TPC2) in Zebrafish Neuromuscular Development Sarah E. Webb, Jeffrey J. Kelu, and Andrew L. Miller 6. Functional Study of Lysosomal Nutrient Transporters Xavier Leray, Corinne Sagne, and Bruno Gasnier 7. Lysosomal Vitamin B12 Trafficking Sean Froese and Matthias R. Baumgartner 8. Detection of Lysosomal Membrane Permeabilization Anne-Marie Ellegaard, Line Groth-Pedersen, and Marja Jaattela 9. Rapid Isolation of Lysosomes from Cultured Cells Using a Twin Strep Tag Jian Xiong, Jingquan He, Michael X. Zhu, and Guangwei Du 10. A Transcriptomic Analysis and shRNA Screen for Intracellular Ion Channels and Transporters Regulating Pigmentation Donald C. Koroma, Salwa Y. Hafez, and Elena Oancea Index
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