International Law

International Law

Focarelli, Carlo

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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International Law provides a comprehensive theoretical examination of the key areas of international law. In addition to classic cases and materials, Carlo Focarelli addresses the latest relevant international practice to illustrate contemporary themes and trends in international law and to examine its most topical challenges.
Contents: Preface Introduction Part I The States System and the Governance of Humankind 1. The States System and the International Community 2. Inter-State Creation and Intra-State Application of International Law 3. The Allocation of States' Governmental Authority Part II International Rules Protecting The Common Values of Humankind 4. Inter-State Order 5. Human Person 6. Sustainable Economy 7. Global Security Part III International Responsibility and the International Settlement of Disputes 8. International Responsibility 9. The International Settlement of Disputes Index
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