Liability of Corporate Groups and Networks

Liability of Corporate Groups and Networks

Witting, Christian A. (Queen Mary University of London)

Cambridge University Press






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This book discusses the insolvent entity problem, arising when companies within corporate groups and networks are unable to pay personal injury victims in full. It provides arguments for rules extending liability for personal injuries beyond insolvent entities especially in cases of mass wrongdoing such as asbestos exposure and defective pharmaceuticals.
1. Introduction; Part I. Business Context: 2. The formation of corporate groups and networks; 3. Structuring of corporate group relations; 4. Insolvent entity case studies; Part II. Theory: 5. Conceptions of group and network liability; Part III. Statute: 6. General protections for creditors; 7. Group-specific protections for creditors; 8. Statutory torts; 9. Modified limited liability; Part IV. Common Law: 10. Veil-piercing; 11. Direct liability in tort; 12. Vicarious and joint liability in tort; 13. Conclusions.
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