Individual Differences in Arithmetic

Individual Differences in Arithmetic

Implications for Psychology, Neuroscience and Education

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Introduction Individual Differences in Arithmetic: Children, Adults, Males, Females, Weaknesses and Talents There Is No Such Thing as Arithmetical Ability - Only Arithmetical Abilities Relationships Between Arithmetic and Other Abilities Counting and After: The Importance of Individual Differences Is Arithmetic a Foreign Language?: Representing Numbers and Arithmetic Problems in Different Forms and Translating Between Them Derived Fact Strategies A Good Guess: Estimation and Individual Differences Arithmetic Facts, Procedures and Different Forms of Memory Effects of Culture, Language and Experience The Brain and Individual Differences in Arithmetic "Maths Doesn't Like Me Anymore": The Role of Attitudes and Emotions Implications for Helping Children with Their Arithmetical Difficulties Some Practical Guides to Helping Children with Mathematical Difficulties Bibliography
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