In a Cold Crater

In a Cold Crater

Cultural and Intellectual Life in Berlin, 1945-1948


University of California Press






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Preface List of Abbreviations 1. The Prize Metropolis of Debris and the Pathos of Destruction Albert Speer's Theory of Ruins * "Upright to an Astonishing Degree" * Berlin Lessons of the 1920s: Joseph Goebbels and Franz Biberkopf * Historical Precursors in the Occupation of Prize Cities: Jerusalem, Paris, Shanghai * Berlin and the World Revolution * British American Plans for Conquest * Drawing Borders and the Balance of Power * Sixty Days of Undivided Russian Sovereignty 1930: YEAR OF CRISIS The Laboratory of Modernity * The Intellectual Cold War before 1933 "A MECHANICAL DECONGESTANT" The Benefit of Destruction for Modern Architecture The Crater and the Garden "DREAMLAND" Real Surrealism, 1918 and 1945 * "Scenery from the Wrong Play"-Hotel Abyss in the Abyss * Conjuring the 1920s * Rich Opportunities, Meager Productions CULTURAL COMMANDO Allied Satraps * Officer Intellectuals A Reminiscence: German Cultural Politics in Paris, 1940-1944 French Complexes * The English Model: Reschooling the Boers The American Model: Reschooling the South * German Exiles Russian "Kulturnost" NEP Dandies in the SMAD 2. Kulturkammer The House on Schliiterstrasse Reichskulturkammer * The Ernst Group * Debuts: Elisabeth Dilthey, Klemens Herzberg, Alex Vogel * Otto Winzer and Paul Wegener Fortune Hunters, Functionaries, Dignitaries Affairs Between Union, Club, and Academy The End 3. Theater Battles Aesthetic Islands in the Third Reich: The Staatstheater and the Deutsches Theater * Jiirgen Fehling * The Rise and Fall of Gustav von Wangenheim * The Shadow of Gustaf Griindgens * Wolfgang Langhoff and the Apparatus 4* Kulturbund Beginnings in Dahlem * Neo-Popular Front * The Initator: Johannes R. Becher * The Bourgeois Partner: Ferdinand Friedensburg * Physical and Spiritual Exile * Media, Assemblies, Clubs Figureheads * Opposition from the Right Opposition from the Left Fistfight in Wilmersdorf * The American Ban * Friedenburg's Last Attempt Friedenburg's Expulsion Move to the Russian Sector * A Postmortem of SED * Intellectuals 5* Radio "The Bear Purrs" A Fresh Start with Old Voices * Russian Enclave in the English Sector * The Western Response: DIAS and RIAS * Franz Wallner-Baste Ruth Norden New Deal Liberals Anticommunists Mr. Brown * Enter William Heimlich Musical Politics * From High Culture to Entertainment * Radio Berlin: Heinz Schmidt and the Last Levy of the Nondogmatic SED 6. Film The Chaos of the Ufi Legacy * Private Initiatives * Film Plans in the Kammer * Wolf von Gordon and Theodor Baensch * The Central Administration for Popular Education * The Filmaktiv * Herbert Volkmann * Alfred Lindemann, Communist Adventurer and Organizer * Defa under Lindemann * Plans for Germany * Lindemann's Fall HOLLYWOOD-BERLIN Film-Industry War Goals and Military-Government Policies * Erich Pommer's Appointment * Return to Berlin * "The Rich Tradition of Poverty and Ingenuity" Hollywood Attacks * The Vining Document * Washington Intervenes 7* Writers at Large The Press Quarter in Summer 1945-Peter de Mendelssohn and Hans Habe * Erik Reger * The Tagesspiegel * "Of the Highest Standards" A Frankfurter Rundschau for Berlin? The Schweinichen Case KURTZ The Curious Nacht-Express * The Miinzenberg Model * Rudolf Kurtz and Paul Wiegler The Mysterious Major Feldmann DIE WELTBUHNE The First Round: Walther Karsch * Maud von Ossietzky, Hans Leonard, & Co. * Party Loans Impediments and Delays * Authors and Colleagues in the First Year HARICH Wolfgang Harich, Friedrich Luft, and the Brucke Project * Harich vs. Leonard * The Widow Ousted Epilogue Appendix: Archives and Interviews Notes Index of Names
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