How Your Body Defends and Protects You

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Preface: Our hidden army 1. Full frontal immunity: The first line of defence 2. A cast of cut-throats: The killer cells that keep us safe 3. Chit-chatting chemicals: How your immune system yells 4. Transplants: Designer vaginas to pig heart perfection 5. Outnumbered: How the immune system manages the body's resident bacteria 6. Immunological tango: Sex and love 7. What a cute parasite: Pregnancy and the immune system 8. A palace for parasites: Worms and fleas and ticks! Oh my! 9. The adaptive assassins: Killing everything from pink-eye to plague 10. Vaccines: A triumph of man's manipulation of the immune system 11. Allergies: Everything you're itching to know 12. Auto-immunity: The science of friendly fire 13. Defenceless: The boy who lived in a bubble 14. Cancer: A deadly spot the difference 15. Killer bugs: Be afraid, be very afraid 16. Clever drugs: Immunological alchemy
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