Identity, Attachment and Resilience

Identity, Attachment and Resilience

Exploring Three Generations of a Polish Family

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List of figures Preface Acknowledgements Spelling and Pronunciation of Polish names Chapter 1 Trust: Introducing family narratives SECTION I Poland: The first generation Chapter 2 Autonomy: Living under partition (1886-1913) Chapter 3 Initiative: Fighting on the Eastern front (1914-20) Chapter 4 Industriousness: Life in independent Warsaw (1921-39) SECTION II Poland and England: The second generation Chapter 5 Confusion: Nazi Occupation of Warsaw (1939-43) Chapter 6 Identity: Resistance in France (1939-43) Chapter 7 Isolation: England fights, Warsaw rises (1943-45) SECTION III England: The third generation Chapter 8 Intimacy: Marriage and migration (1945-50) Chapter 9 Generativity: Family reunion and loss (1951-71) Chapter 10 Integrity: Reminiscence and reflection (1972-2016) Index
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