Hong Kong English

Hong Kong English

Exploring Lexicogrammar and Discourse from a Corpus-Linguistic Perspective

Wong May

Palgrave Macmillan






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The author focuses on authentic data taken from the International Corpus of English (the Hong Kong component) and the Corpus of Global Web-based English to track the ways in which the English language in Hong Kong has been adapted by its users.
- Chapter 1. Hong Kong English: an overview.- PART I: LEXICOGRAMMAR.- Chapter 2. Tag questions.- Chapter 3. Collective nouns.- PART II: DISCOURSE.- Chapter 4. Expressions of gratitude.- Chapter 5. Code-mixing of indigenous Cantonese words into English.- Chapter 6. Linguistic variation in digital discourse: the case of blogs.- Chapter 7. Conclusion.- Appendix 1. Indigenous Cantonese expressions in ICE-HK.- Appendix 2. Positive and negative keywords of blogs in Hong Kong English.
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